Project Details (SIMFED)

Sikkim State Co-operative Supply and Marketing Federation ltd. (SIMFED) was established in the year 1983 under the Sikkim Co-operative Society’s act of 1978 and Sikkim Co-operative Societies Rule of 1981. SIMFED was established as an Apex Marketing society for the state of Sikkim with the main intension of undertaking wholesale supply of consumer goods to the Multi-Purpose Cooperative Societies (MPCS) and Consumer Cooperative Societies (CCS) and to arrange for bulk marketing of the surplus Agricultural produce including the important cash crops of the state.

Simfed is implementing two project of organic farming under various schemes of Central as well as State Govt.under(Adoption of organic farming of fruits, vegetables & spices in TRIPURA, Mission Organic Value Chain Development for TRIPURA) in an area of 500 Ha, 2000 Ha in 2015-16 (2 districts),4 FPO Formation (2016-17), 8 District of Tripura. Simfed has its own registered office in Tripura. The dedicated field as well as office staff is involved in these projects. A total of 3017 Number of farmers have been registered and under these projects and now these farmers are implementing organic farming practices at their field.

Project Overview
Project District Area No. of Farmers
Adoption of organic farming of fruits, vegetables & spices in TRIPURA 2015-16 (2 districts) 500 Ha 507
Mission Organic Value Chain Development for TRIPURA 4 FPO Formation (2016-17), 8 Districts. 2000 Ha 2504

Major activities under these projects are as follows:
Adoption of organic farming :
1- Baseline Survey
2- Selection of project area
3- Orientation Meeting cum Awareness programme
4- Registration of Farmers
5- Preparation of AFL (G.P.S),Soil Collection
6- ICS & Cluster Formation
7- Trainer’s Training
8- Farmer’s Training
9- Club Meeting & Demonstration
10- On Farm Input Management for crop nutrient & Crop Protection.

Certification of organic farming practise.
1. Formation of ICS
2. ICS Registration with Certification Body
3. Upload the Data on Tracenet
4. 2 internal inspection in a year, carried out by Staff
5. Consist of approval committee members
6. Internal Inspection Summary sheet & corrective action
7. External Inspection Carried By Certified Body
8. Generate scope certification

Marketing of organic products.
1. Creation of marketing linkages
2. Buyer-seller meet
3. Brand building and its promotion
4. Premium price to the farmers